Paper making felt,Paper making machine parts

Paper making felt,Paper making machine parts
Product Description

Product Description

Paper making felt,Paper making machine parts

 Using Method and Maintenance of Paper Making Felt

1. Paper Making Felt of BOM High linear pressure comprehensive wire Bottom Web
Adopt single or more skein of high intensity industrial comprehensive wire as material, use special technology to weave single double or more layer basic cloth then deal with it by acupuncture and other special way.
This kind of felt has good permeability because of its special weaving way.
Comprehensive wire has characteristics of high intensity, non-distortion, easy to wash.
Comprehensive wire basic cloth has non-compression and good elasticity, resistance to high linear pressure, these are beneficial to improve the speed and increase the output.
BOM felt surface is smooth and thick, this is beneficial to improve the quality of paper.
High intensity, wear-resisting, and long service life of BOM felt are beneficial to reduce the cost of production.
2. Paper Making Felt without Felt Mark
Basic cloth is made from special material; the smooth surface is beneficial to reduce the difference of two sides.
Lint-free is beneficial to improve the quality of paper.
Good permeability, easy to wash, and long service life.
3. Paper Making Felt Dealt with Chemical
Some special properties have been added through dealing with special chemical characteristic.
Easy to wash, bad affinity between papermaking filler and fiber can prevent pollution. With strong wear-resisting and long service life, the chemical reaction makes the fiber integrate closely, forming wearing layer.
4. Polyester Shaping Web
Be made with special machine which has polyester wire of different diameter, including single and double layer. It features stable size, even space, smooth surface, wear-resisting and long lifetime.
Be used in shaping part of long-web machine and drying part of senior grade paper.
5. Polyester Special Dry Web
Be made with polyester wire of different diameter by winding ring, cutting, passing silk, shaping, trimming, and sealing side, etc.
Dry web features high temperature resistance, high intensity, wear-resisting, smooth surface and non-distortion, etc.
It is mainly used in drying part, shipping and filtering of other parts for making paper.

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No.StructureWeight/mCharacteristicScope of application
Top felt of CMT High Linear pressure bottom web1725Single layer, pure chemical fiber800-1000High intensity, low extension, high linear pressure, high speed, smooth surface, good permeability without felt markpaper machine with round web,   long web, more webs, more vats
1625Single layer, high chemical fiber800-1000
1726Double-layer, pure chemical fiber1000-1200
1626Double-layer, high chemical fiber1000-1200
1724Three-layer, pure chemical fiber1200-1600
1624Three-layer, high chemical fiber1200-1600
Wet felt of CMT High linear pressure bottom web2725Single layer bottom web (slender)700-900High warp tensile strength, high- linear pressure, good permeability, dewatering with high-speed, non-distortion,  long service life  Paper machine with single web and vat, double webs and vats, more webs and vats, long webs, more vats
3725Single layer bottom web (more slender)700-900
4725Single layer bottom web (common)700-900
2726Double-layer bottom web (slender)1000-1400
3726Double-layer bottom web (more slender)1000-1400
4726Double-layer bottom web (common)1000-1400
2724Three-layer bottom web (more slender)1300-1600
3724Three-layer bottom web (slender)1300-1600
4724Three-layer bottom web (common)1300-1600
Felt for Pulp Board of CMT High linear pressure
5725Single-layer bottom web700-900High warp tensile strength, good permeability, wear-resisting, stable property, long service lifePaper machine with more webs and more vats
5726Double-layer bottom web1000-1400
5724Three-layer bottom web1300-1600
CMT Dry felt
Basic cloth with weft(pure chemical fiber)
Basic cloth with weft (high chemical fiber)
Stable size, smooth surface, good permeability, long service lifeDrying part, all kinds of paper
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