Knife Scraper Coating Machine

Knife Scraper Coating Machine
Product Description

3, The device structure is compact, dry load is small. As the coating of the blade coating of solid content is generally about 60 ~ 62%, so the load of small drying, small steam consumption, in order to improve the speed of the paper machine provides the conditions. And, after practice has proved that the higher the speed,

coating quality is better, the more detailed the surface, the higher the economic value.

4, There is no rotation of the roller, it will not produce splashes of paint to improve the workshop environment.

3.Brief Introduction:                                                                                                           

twice coating.

The machine is single-layer layout arrangement. 

 All parts equipped on the ground of the plant. 

It can be divide into two kinds, left hand machinery and right hand machine according to the different location of the drive position. 

4.Brief Description of the Process Flow:                                                                       Hydraulic Double-arm unwind stand

Paper splicer-one bottom air knife coating

drying cabinet dry(2.5m1 group)

bottom doctor coating

Dryer box drying (2.5mx4 )matched with dryer screen drawing paper

top doctor coating

Dryer box drying (2.5mx4)

Matched with dryer screen for paper drawing

900 Adjusting Cylinder

Double-roll soft Calender(1000 dryer cylinder)

800 Chrome Plated Chilled cylinder, two nos

Horizontal Pope reel (to see the drawing)


5.For Coating Machine ,Please kindly let us know the following basic information:  

 3) Max.unwinding and rewinding dia.

 4) What is the thickness you want to coat?

 5) Heating method

 6) Coating speed etc.

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Blade coater/air knife(paper coating machine parts) 

Paper Making Machine

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.Is there person reply to me?

2.Why we choose your company, what could you do for me?

3.Could your engineers teach and train our worker and stay in our factory for long time?

4.How can i know your machine work well?

Before delivery, we will test the machine work condition for you.

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