A4 copy paper, printing paper making machine

A4 copy paper, printing paper making machine
Product Description

Product Description

4. Output paper weight: 30-60G/M2
5. Copper cylinder width: 2950mm
6. Net paper width: 2400mm
7. Drive way: Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive
8. Working speed: 80-120m/min

12400mm  paper  making  machine 1
2dryer  can  exhaust  hood 1
3850axial-flow  ventilator  8501
415type  roots  vacuum  pulp 1
5suction  box6
62400mm  winding  machine 1
7three  roll  calendar 1
82400mm  rewinding  machine 1
9pulp  spray  vat  former2
1010m3high  consistency  hydrapulper1
11up-flow  pressure  screen1
12high  frequency  vibration  screen 2
13606type  desander(10pcs) 1
14IS250-200A  desander  pulp 2
15ZSL1.2m2centrifugal  screen1
16Φ 380mm  double  disc  refiner3
1714m3vat  thicker1
18Φ 700mmthruster6
194  inch  pulp  pump 10
206  inch  pulp  pump 8
21frequency  conversion  controlling  cabinet1
22air  pump  cabinet1
23work  table1


2. Polystyrene foam plate wrapped around.
3. Wrapped with tighted plastic films several circles.
4. Fixed machine on the fumigated plywood pallet with iron wire.
5. Wrapped with wooden board around and nailed on.

2 the delivery time is decided by your needed machines or machine parts. But it also follows your needs.

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A4 copy paper, printing paper making machine 

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A4 copy paper, printing paper making machine

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