1,2-diphenoxyrthane, DPE instead of BON

1,2-diphenoxyrthane, DPE instead of BON
Product Description

Product Description

CHEMICAL  NAME: 1,2-diphenoxyrthane



Appearance:White crystal

Melting point:95-98℃

Assay: ≥99.0%

loss on drying:≤0.50%

Insoluble residue: ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â‚¬Â°Ã‚¤0.2â„…

Aspect of usage


Sensitizor,It can be used in most grades of heat-sensitive paper, to produce intense black image with excellent image stability, to exhibits high thermal sensitivity.

Trade information


Payment terms: T/T

Delivery Time: 10-30days

Packaging Details: customized

Supply Ability: 500 Ton/Tons per Year


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